This past weekend was fairly quiet, however I didn’t allow that to make for a Zero Day.

Friday I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen in quite some time. He just moved back from the DC area after about 2.5 years. We played some poker and caught up with each other.

Prior to meeting him, I went ahead and did a quick once over on the bicycle since I haven’t ridden it in a few months (about 3 to be more precise). Got all my gear together, put air in the tires, and was good to go.

7 AM on Saturday came pretty quick. I was so tempted to just text my friend and tell him, “Not gonna make it,” and make up some excuse. Nope! That’s the easy way out. That would have immediately led to a Zero Day. Well, that’s not happening any more.

I got out of bed and got everything ready and loaded in the car. It was a bit brisk, so I was glad I decided to toss a long sleeve shirt in the car with me.

The ride itself was good. It was good to get back out there and do something. I set a nice little average of 12.8 MPH. My eventual goal is to hit a 15 MPH average which should allow me to finish the metric century ride in July in just over 4 hours.

Sunday was a nice little recovery day. Called mom for Mother’s Day and will be having dinner on Tuesday.

Now, how did I make Sunday a Non-Zero Day? I went grocery shopping. I got all of the groceries for the week as well as prepped some of my lunch for the week. I admit, I got a late start, so my two sides for lunch aren’t put together, but I’ll get that knocked out today when I make dinner.

Today’s goal is to get on the bike and ride for an hour. I was planning on riding tomorrow, but going out to dinner with my parents and Sarah means that I am pushing up my ride by a day. No big deal, just means I need to decide on if I should take the extra day off of riding this week between today & Thursday or Wednesday & Saturday.

Not a bad decision to have to make.

The faithful steed: