Well, it’s been awhile.

Still, had no zero days!

Even on last Thursday when I had an issue with my bike. I got all the way to the trail, was just about ready to get on my bike. I just needed to top off the air in my tires and check the air pressure.  I go to give my front tire a quick pump to bring it to ~100 PSI and then I hear it.  POP! Psssssssssssssssssssst.

The top of the valve of the tube had popped clean off. I had an instant flat.


I didn’t let that get me down. Went home and watched a couple videos of how to change a tube. Managed to get the tire off and replace the tube, but I struggled to get the tire back on.

Eventually I gave up and had to go to the bike shop to get them to put the tire back on. Good as new.

Sunday was a bit of a meal-prep and a mess.

Managed to slice my left middle finger pretty good.  Didn’t need stitches, thankfully. I should be all better in about a week or two.

Finally, after avoiding rain on Tuesday I managed to get back on the bike Wednesday. Basically, starting over my training since I missed two training sessions last week.

It still felt great.

I was able to do 12.4 miles in 56 minutes and 17 seconds, averaging 13.3 MPH.


Today is a rest day on the bike and I’m going to do a base-line for my body weight fitness.

Tomorrow is an early Friday off for me, so I’ll hit the trail around 3:30 and be done by 4:30 just in time to hit rush hour traffic on the way back.