So, yeah. That was a big failure three months ago.

It’s okay.

I’m still going to strive to follow the No-Zero-Days rules.  I forgive my past self.

Yesterday I began another six week program.

Three days a week of body weight exercises and three days a week of cardio.

Yesterday was a body weight day and it felt good. Definitely a little sore today, but that’s to be expected.

I’m also attempting to get my diet in check and go 90% Paleo diet over the next six weeks which allows for a total of 13 non-Paleo meals, which I feel absolutely attainable.

In addition to body weight exercises, cardio, and diet, I’m setting a goal to reduce my alcohol intake down to none.

I think that, sadly, will be the biggest struggle for me. I like to go out with friends and enjoy a few beers. Unfortunately, that tends to spin out of control easily.

Again, I won’t beat myself up if I have a drink here or there, however I want to limit my consumption as much as possible.

Finally, I’m hoping to update this blog at least twice a week. Ideally with one post being about my progress over these six weeks and one post being about something that simply interests me.

Talk to you soon.