It’s 6 March 2017. The 66th day of the year.

And it’s the first second day and my second real go at following the Ketogenic diet and getting on the body weight fitness and cycling wagon.

Six weeks.  That’s all there is. And these six weeks are going to happen no matter what I do.

6 Week Calendar

It’s a fairly simple routine. Body weight fitness and cycling.  I may have to change some things up at the beginning of April due to heading to August for The Masters trip. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

As far as where I’m starting, I’m currently at 196lbs and around 22-23% body fat. My goal weight is 175-180lbs and around 10-15% body fat.

I’ll be tracking these metrics on a spreadsheet and will provide updates as I go through these next six weeks.


Dinner last night was a couple of roasted chicken thighs with parmesan asparagus, which is pictured at the top.  Overall, a delicious meal and stupid simple to make.  That is one thing that I’m trying to keep as a regular thing in my meals is to have them be simple and easy to make. It will allow me to better stick with my plans and meet my goals.

Lunch this week is a salad with a chipotle chicken cutlet. Dressing will be approximately 2tbsp of olive oil and red wine vinegar.

I’ll be logging my food on MyFitnessPal as it will track my daily macros.


I also got back on the body weight fitness wagon. I’m following the /r/bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine which can be found here. Overall I felt like I did well for as long as I’ve been slacking off.

Today’s exercise is going to be an easy 60 minute ride on the bicycle. I’ll be hitting up the Silver Comet right after work.


I’m hoping that by coming back to the blog and making this something that I can post my accomplishments and be able to brag in an isolation chamber that it will make reaching my goals easier.