So, Tuesday I skipped the cardio on the bike to go have dinner with my parents.

Unfortunately, that entailed going to have Mexican for dinner and I totally whiffed on the taco salad idea.

Oh well, not to worry. I didn’t beat myself up over it and I jumped right back on the wagon Wednesday morning.

Yesterday was body weight fitness day and I could feel myself being stronger in some areas and weaker in others. That is to be expected this first week so I’m not that worried. However, I felt great using the rings again for the rows. I feel like I’m really progressing with that set of exercises.

I also spent some time and made my breakfast for the next few days. Still going with the usual of an egg muffin.  I’ll be looking to add new things to these and possibly remove the bacon from them to reduce the sodium and possibly reduce my cholesterol which came in a little higher than it should be from my blood work last month.

Today is a bike day!

First time back on two wheels in about a month or so.  It’s going to be a relatively easy 60 minutes of 20 minutes easy, 20 minutes push, and 20 minutes easy.

This officially begins the start of my training for a metric century which I hope to ride with some friends on July 9th this year.  That marks 121 days until the day of the ride.

Body weight fitness tomorrow followed by a 20 mile ride on Saturday.

Will report back after that.