So, 6 weeks from last Sunday (14 May 2017) will be 3 days after my 36th birthday.

I figure that’s a good a time as any to finish up a 6 week challenge.

This 6 week goals include:

  • Ketogenic diet for 90% of meals
    • Obtained by meal planning, meal prepping, and eating at home as much as possible
  • Cycle 18 times over the next 6 weeks
    • Obtained by cycling on Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday pending circumstances
  • Body weight fitness 18 times over the next 6 weeks
    • Obtained by working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Complete HTPC setup
    • Obtained by working approximately 3-5 hours a week on setting up HTPC software Kodi and BigBox emulator launcher
  • Blog post 2 times per week
    • Obtained by gathering pictures and spending approximately 30-60 minutes twice a week to tell a story of what’s happened

I’m only focusing on four goals these next 6 weeks for a few reasons.

  • Going out of town for a wedding Memorial Day weekend
    • This will more than likely result in me missing some Ketogenic meals. A 90% rate over 6 weeks for 3 meals a day allows for approximately 13 non-Ketogenic meals
  • I’m currently looking at houses to purchase
    • This has been eating up a decent amount of time during the week, however we are going to look at one today that has a lot of potential, even though it’s just slightly over budget
  • I don’t want to burn out
    • Having 6 guaranteed things to do during the week (BWF and cycling) combined with the discipline of staying with the Keto diet and taking time to enjoy myself building the HTPC is plenty to do in addition to maintaining this woefully under-maintained blog

Next post will go over my past few days.

I just wanted to post this to layout and define my goals over the next 6 (really 5.5 now) weeks.